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Youth Salute

When Youth Salute communities applaud the positive accomplishments of their young men and women, they are building a culture that encourages excellence.

Youth Salute recognizes outstanding seniors. It also involves them in seminars and workshops specifically designed to further develop their already formidable leadership skills.

Youth Salutes are the grass roots of our program and have been implemented in communities across the country to provide this recognition to high school seniors.

Nominations for Youth Salutes are requested in their during a student's junior year. The nominees must have been elected to a leadership position and have at least a "B" average. Students are nominated not only on grades, but also on leadership in school activities, religious organizations, or activities in their community. Each student is asked to complete an application and answer three out of four essay questions.

We are applauding balanced young people who understand the importance of giving back. Young people who have already made a significant difference in their world are nominated. Community leaders interview the nominees throughout the spring and summer months. Those students selected for the program then participate in:

* Seminars and workshops on team building, communication, change, positive attitude, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

* Community recognition ceremonies, local media coverage, and photographic displays of youth accomplishments.

* Scholarships and awards to outstanding youth leaders.

* Various social events

The Youth Leaders of the Year from each chapter are also awarded an all-expense paid trip to the annual national NCYL leadership conference "Town Meeting on Tomorrow".

Local chapters, as in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, award as many as 47 scholarships to their student leaders. Lexington, Kentucky has 850 nominees each year and awards $64,000 in scholarships. West Des Moines, Iowa nominates 250 students and awards $20,000 each year in scholarships. They have a two day seminar for all nominees, co-sponsored by Drake University, where Youth Salute students stay overnight in a college dorm with Drake freshmen. Belleville, Illinois has sponsored a two day seminar for student leaders for 20 years!

Each chapter is unique unto itself. Local chapters pay $1,000 in annual dues to the National, which entitles them to send two to four students to the "Town Meeting on Tomorrow". Many Youth Salutes start by sending a junior ambassador to "Town Meeting on Tomorrow". After returning to their community (with parent, school and community support) the students then serve on a team that starts a new local chapter.

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